Who is a woman? A woman is simply an adult female person. Imagine a world without women? God beautified the world with that unique specie, woman. They remain the bedrock of every family. Yes, they assist God in procreation, but that is not all there is to a woman. Imagine if God in Genesis Chapter 1vs26-27 decided to omit the creation of a Woman, allowing animals to fill in to that role of being a helper to Adam , what would have been the fate of the world? This is a clear indication that God is perfect in all His ways,He created a woman,Eve as a helper inspite of the obvious presence of animals then. A woman is so instrumental in the ultimate plan of God that his beloved son, Jesus came to humanity through a Woman, Mary, and they are still very instrumental till this day only if they realize this, and understand how indispensable they are in the plan of God!. Such is the delicate nature of a woman, that she was made from the rib of man, and such, should be handled delicately, never to be mishandled! That is to say that a man can never beat or maltreat a woman in anyway, because they are jewels of inestimable value and are designed to be pampered and loved!.
Happy international women’s day! today, the whole world celebrates every strong lady out there. In a patriarchy oriented world, every woman ought to be seen as strong. They undergo the painful process of child bearing, the rigorous effort in child upbringing, see to family upkeep, cares for the husband and children, and yet, they still create room for more responsibilities!.Some inspite of all these, still become so successful in their careers, business and in other spheres of life. The bond between mother and child cannot be over emphasized! Sincerely, Women ought to be celebrated everyday. Special thanks to those husbands and children who celebrate their wives and mother’s, God bless you all. However, If only all women knew their worth today, the world would have lesser problems. Every woman ought to ask herself on a day like this, if she still serves the function of beautifying the world as proposed by God Almighty. If No, then change. If yes, then, more strength to continue. Women should never allow the harsh conditions in this world to make them deviate in being the instrument of God’s ultimate plan. God can never be wrong!
I want to use this opportunity to celebrate my mother, a noble lady,a queen, my mentor, teacher, an epitome of beauty, best counselor, an epitome of mother hood, my prayer warrior , the bedrock of my family and my role model, Late Mrs Eririogu Catherine Amaechi of blessed memory. May her gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.
Happy international women’s day to every noble and true women out there. You all are blessed.

From, Eririogu Fidelia Chinwendu
Orlu ,Imo state


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