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Eririogu Fidelia Chinwendu


Who knows tomorrow is a name in Igbo in which my mother is one of the people with such a name. Amaechi means in English  who knows tomorrow. The name is sweet, beautiful and full of mysteries. Tomorrow means the day after today. Hence, Tomorrow is known as ‘echi’ in   Igbo. Tomorrow has an Igbo adage says ‘echi anaghi -agwugwu’ translates as tomorrow  continues.  


Tomorrow cannot be predicted  except people with special gifts from God. The bible tells us that God speaks to us, yes as He speaks, He reveals our future for us through dreams, vision and prophecies from true prophets of God .These are wonderful gifts God gives those He chose.


Every human being cannot describe or explain how His or Her future will be but we believe that God is already in the future. Some were born with silver spoons  thinking that the silver spoon will remain forever but now, they are poor  because they do not know tomorrow. Some are rude, arrogant and full of pride ,because they found themselves in a  particular state in which grace took them in, for graces vary. Because of that they despise and maltreat their fellow human beings. Do you know that, that girl or boy in your house you maltreat as a housemaid  can be a president tomorrow. 


The Bible tells us that  “God can change the condition of a person within a twinkle of  an eye.” And God made David a king. Check David among his siblings, he is the smallest and a shepherd,  yet God chose him. What of Joseph the dreamer. He was so hated and despised by his siblings to the extent  they nearly killed him but God used  that opportunity to take him to his destiny ground and made him a king.


Have you heard of Jabez in the Bible, how God changed his destiny to a great man, even Sarah according to Tobit in  the scripture described how God blessed her with a good  husband better than her previous ones. The story of Esther, Judith and Deborah in the Bible provides answer to who knows tomorrow? Do not think that because you married before him or her and have children  that man or lady can’t do the same. Her own might be better than yours in everything. You are a leader. you suppress your followers thinking that you will remain there forever, nothing lasts  longer on earth.


The bourgeois that suppressed and maltreated the proletariat, you do not know tomorrow. Who knows tomorrow? Everyone should learn what happened to one of the presidents emeritus of this country -Nigeria and  be humble. Who knows tomorrow.

Can you predict tomorrow? Beloved, if you decide to steal and go into prostitution, do you know tomorrow? Beloved, stop despising your fellow man because he hasn’t achieved wealth as you have done, do you know that you can be his servant tomorrow. Who knows tomorrow? ‘That person  you think ‘that can’t climb a palm tree might climb an Iroko and get to the tip of a leaf. 


 Only God has a definite answer to Who knows tomorrow?. Beloved, if God gives everyone the opportunity to know tomorrow do you think this world will be a better place?. My lovely reader, do you know how many years remain for you on earth now? 


Many people will die today but they don’t know because no one knows  tomorrow. Do not ever think that this orphan, a nobody from poor background cannot be  useful in life. Do you know that, that person might be your children or grandchildren’s role model.

Life is full of mysteries. Take for instance I am a  writer, I have the passion to do this, but I don’t know that one day, I will be sharing my write-up online. Who knows tomorrow? Beloved you might be the future president.


Let me share this story with you, it is a true life  story. In a null shell, is the story of a popular physician known as Ben Carson in the book ‘Think  big’ the young man came from a nobody’s background as he abandoned them leaving them with their illiterate mom who has the passion to be educated and she achieved that where she worked as a housekeeper. 


Ben Carson was among those children who weren’t smart and intelligent in the classroom but like attempting to answer questions not  minding if is right or wrong. He was a laughing stock in the classroom, his classmates  make gest of him but his mother was a great motivator. She helped her son to develop a habit of reading even though she can’t help her to pronounce yet he  was helping himself  to pronounce. 


One day he taught a lesson in the classroom because he read a book about the topic. His teacher developed interest in him and became his mentor. His classmate became surprised .He graduated in a flying color and  became the first doctor that separated two joined head of a newly born twins known as a  neurosurgeon.


The story is  all about  releasing your prospective for superiority. This made him popular, another is seeing an orphan being a great man despite the denial of education and training by his guardian. 

Dearest,  we have to be mindful of the way we treat people because nobody knows tomorrow.



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