Repent and Amend your Ways: Rev. Fr Celestine Onyeka 

Written by Eririogu Fidelia


Rev Fr Celestine Onyeka ‘s homily was taken from 1 Peter 3:18-22.The Gospel was taken from Mark 1:12-15. 


Rev. Fr. Celestine Onyeka was the Principal Celebrant at @ 9:30 am mass on 21th of 

February, 2021. The mass was celebrated St. Joseph Catholic Church Umuna ,Orlu 


According to the Principal Celebrant, the first reading from the book of Genesis tells 

us of the aftermath of the flood. After the Flood, God promised Noah and made a covenant with Him. 


God  gave a sign of His covenant that  never again shall all flesh be cut off by the water of a flood or destroy  the earth. 


The second was taken from the letter of 1 Peter which tells us about baptism which saves us. Baptism saves us not as a removal of dust from the body but through the examination of a good conscience 


The Gospel according to St. Mark tells us how Jesus Christ was led by the Spirit into the desert for forty days and forty nights. And he was tempted by Satan. The angels ministered to him. Then after John was handed over, Jesus went into Galilee, preaching the Gospel of the kingdom of God, saying “For the time has been fulfilled and the kingdom of God has drawn near. “Repent and believe in the Gospel”. 


In his reflection, the homilist admonishes everyone to repent and believe in the Gospel.


The journey has just begun for another opportunity for a turn around, a time of recollection, turning into a new leaf and reuniting. Fr. Onyeka says that it is obvious we claim to be Christians, whereas we do not appear as Christ like (Christians). We commit many atrocities  such as killing, Injustice , dishonesty etc.


 Everyone is scared of being poisoned with all kinds of illness and death. Because of these,  no one wants to say the truth. ‘Who will bell the cat, no one’. Everyone does as he or she wants not minding that God watches us.


The Homilist reminds us that this is another time (Lenten season) to repent and believe in the Gospel especially when we are faced with flood of difficulties and persecution. 


According to Fr. Onyeka, God has promised us with a sign of covenant never to cut off the earth. The Lenten period gives us time to amend our ways for the time may be  fulfilled at any moment we might not expect. He concluded with a song (Nga-ekuli gakwuru nna.Nga -asi ya emeghewom..) which means I will rise and go to my father. I will tell HIM   that I have sin.


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