The Story of St Anthony Claret.

The Story of St Anthony Claret.



Written by Janeclaret Ogechi Emerenini.


He was born in the family of John claret and Josephine Clara in the year 23rd December 1807 at Sallent, Spain.
He derived his name’s from his parents and godparents as follows: Anthony Adjutor John.


He was named Anthony by his Mother’s brother who happens to be his godfather with the name Anthony Clara and wanted to maintain the name, his father’s sister happens to be his godmother bearing Adjutor Canudas and gave him the Christian name. Adjutor and his third name John was gotten from his father.


In the 25th December 1807, he was baptized but was recorded as the year 1808. The reason is that the year was counted as the beginning of the next year on the 25th December and his name happens to be the first in the book-entry for the next year being 1808.


Later, out of his love and devotion to Mary most holy, he added the sweet name of Mary thus his name. Thus His name became Anthony Mary Adjutor Claret at the time of his Episcopal concentration.


He is the number five of eleven children of his parents with five surviving and six death. Growing up was not smooth and easy but due to his early devotional life to Mary, he was preserved from so many dangers and circumstances while growing up. Divine Providence has always watched over him all through life till death. He was born but wasn’t breastfed by his mum due to her ill health challenge. So he was taken to a wet nurse down the street to stay day and night and taken care of by the wet nurse alongside her four children.


Unfortunately, an incident occurred which claimed the life of the wet nurse and her four children but these happened in his absence in one of the night and he was saved by God’s divine providence.


Again, he was a compassionate person and soft-hearted that his love for people made him had sleepless nights where he will always think on how to save lives and win souls to God. He made a lot of sacrifices just to feed the poor and make them happy as well as gaining their souls to love God. He abstained from material things and other useful resources to satisfy the poor.


Furthermore, he obeyed till the end of his life without grudges or being stubborn. He is an intelligent and hard-working person who devoted all his life to the things of God and most especially Mary our dear mother.
He is the founder of the Congregation of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary commonly called the Claretians.




Let us be obedient, compassionate and soft-hearted, meek and humble.

We should have the zeal to love and care for others.

Let us learn to sacrifice and abstain from a lot to win souls.

Have faith and teach the word through practical experience of saying the rosary and devotion to Mary our mother.
Be kind, fervent and prayerful.


The Story of St Anthony Claret.


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