Life of St Rita of Cascia (Saint of the Impossible)

Written by Rita Faustina

Rita of Cascia was born in 1381 in d village of Roccaporena close to Cascia in d country of Italy. She was the only child of Antonio and Amata Lotti they had Rita at their advanced age.

St Rita have compassion for Christ at her early age which made her visit the convent of the Augustinian Nun and dreamed of joining them, but her parent did not buy the idea as she was their only child and promised her in marriage to a man named Paolo Mancini, later she accepted her parents offer though disappointed for not being able to enter d convent.

When Rita was 18years old, they were joined in marriage as custom of the day. Later, God blessed her with a twin boys . Her husband Paolo was employed as a Watch man for the town in Cascia, Rita became a homemaker of Roccaporena. One faithful day Rita’s Husband was returning from his works he was Ambushed and killed. This made Rita to be too worried about their teenage sons but her only recourse was prayers nd perseverance.

Later Rita lost her two boys again from natural causes. Despite her great burden, she could still thank God that they died in peace (What a great lesson) Rita was now alone in the world and still have zeal For God. After this tragedy, Rita thought of joining the Augustinian nuns convent located at St Mary Magdalene Monastery. Her application to join the monastery was denied. But, She saw it as how God wants it for her. She however implored her 3 favorite Saints (John the Baptist, Augustine and Nicholas) to help her.

She set a task of establishing peace in Cascia. With such success, her entry into the monastery was assured. At the age of 36 years she pledged to follow the rule of St Augustine to live with her fellow religious in unity and peace, at the age of 40years. She gave herself entirely to prayers and work of charity, caring for the sick and needy and preserved peace and Harmony among the citizen of Cascia.

When Rita was 60 years she was meditating before the image of Christ, suddenly a small wound appeared on her forehead which made her bore this external sign of stigmatization and union with Christ. Towards the end of her life, at least the few 4 years to her death, Rita could not eat again and was confined to her sickbed. During these years, the Eucharist becomes her sustenance for food and drink.

Rita was an inspiration to her sisters in the religious convent. At the age of 76years, Rita returned to God in peace in 22 May 1457. Her body remained incorrupt over the centuries. She was invoked saint of the impossible because of the exemplary way in which she met with many difficulties and crosses in her life and turned them into instrument of growth in holiness before God .

Rita Faustina



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