Life History of Saint Joseph of Cupertino


Written by Miss Eririogu Fidelia Chinwendu

Orlu,Imo state


Saint Joseph of Cupertino was born on 17th June, 1603 at Cupertino, Italy in a diocese of Nardo in the Kingdom of Naples, Cupertino, Italy. He was so devoted to God. He possessed simplicity and innocence in his childhood and adolescent respectively. He was even seen as a nuisance by the mother, who often treated him harshly. He used to frequently wander aimlessly with his mouth gaping open. This made people gave him a nickname- Ape. This attitude of his made him to suffer the problem of forgetfulness which made him to develop ulcer at the age of 7years, because he sometimes forgets to eat. He forgets even what he learned in school within a second.

His mother regretted of having him as a son. As he couldn’t understand and assimilate in the teaching and learning process, he was taken to a man for him to learn apprentice (shoe making) yet his head was dull to understand, assimilate and remember the skills and attitude in shoe making. Everyone saw him as a useless being. These made him to develop hot temper because no one befriended him and treated him with love. He was abandoned by his mother.

One day, Joseph was inside his room crying, fasting and praying for God to deliver him. Infact his mood was to die and leave the world. There came a a Franciscan priest from no where inside his room with locked doors. The priest touched him and disappeared. Joseph was amazed on what happened as he received instant healing of his ulcer and had great relief. He developed a special gift of hearing heavenly song while on Earth.

This always make him to levitate and at this state he would unconsciously throw whatever he was holding either fragile or flexible with his mouth gaping open. He will remain like that for a long time before he would come downs.

This attitude made him clumsy as he had broken a lot of fragile object at his levitating moments. Because He was unable to control his levitation. He was expelled because of this from a monastery he joined when he had grown to an adult and as he was coming back from there, He felt as if the world had ended.

As He was crying on his way, He met two shepherd who insulted him and ordered their two dogs to chase him. He ran and fell into a swamp. His white shirt and shorts was stained with dirt. Joseph increased his cry as he did nothing to those shepherd. He was despised, mocked, and humiliated for nothing. Everyone hated him. Joseph went home and cried on his mother’s feet begging her to forgive him on whatever he did to her. He cried bitterly and his mother was touched that she took him to a brother, a Franciscan friar and begged the brother with tears to do everything to make him stay there. The brother was touched as a widow begged with tears and accepted Joseph in their conventual Francisca friar.

At the conventual Francisca friar, Joseph didn’t know that he has reached his destiny ground. His clumsy started as he levitated. They stopped him from doing anything with fragile and flexible substance .He was assigned to say only masses. The conventual Francisca friar refused to expelled him because of how his mother begged them. While celebrating masses he levitate whenever the choir sang and this made crowd to attend his masses because of they took it as a show, some came with their camera to snap him. The bishop in charge ordered for him to stop celebrating masses as there were a lot of distraction in the masses.

They restricted his movement to stay in an apartment with blessed sacrament kept for him there. His coming out in that monastery is to eat and go back to his restriction. He doesn’t communicate with anyone except Jesus Christ in the holy Eucharist. One day there was a famine in the monastery. They have little food, he came out to eat as usual. He prayed and the food multiplied as Jesus did with two fishes and five loaves. The monastery started calling him out each time there’s anything called eating for him to increase meals. Joseph was humbled and never complained but to come out anytime his presence was needed and if he add our lady pray for us, the meal will multiplied more.

There was a day people visited the monastery for prayers both the sick people and healthy ones. Saint Joseph came out and all the sick people were healed instantly as he touched some ,he asked some to repeat a prayer after him and those he gave crucifix to kiss. Every where the sick people received instant healing. People from different parts of the world started coming there for healing and deliverance.

The bishop ordered to restrict him until they finished certain investigation as Catholic Church does. He was transferred to another monastery where he stayed three years and died. There no one could reach him. He died on 18th September,1663 at Osimo Italy at 60years and after his death miracles were reported at his tomb. He was beautified on 1753 at Rome by Pope Benedict XIV. He was canonized 100years later on 16th July 1767 at Rome by Pope Clement XIII. Today, St, Joseph is a patron of students, mental handicaps, test takers, aviation, astronauts, those who travel by air and pilots. He is invoked by the unloved, neglected, rejected and abandoned.


Moral lesson.

1.Is good to be devoted to God with innocence and simplicity life because of this ,Joseph had made God to send an angel in form a priest to heal him and gave him strength as Jesus received at the wilderness which aided him to fulfill his destiny

2. .Is not good to despised, mocked and humiliate someone, even when you see someone do that, do not join the crowd. Although, the story about Joseph didn’t revealed the outcome of those people who hated him with passion but whatever one sow, he or she shall reap .

3.Every mother should know that she has 80% of the well-being of her children. Joseph was abandoned by his mother but when the mother took up her responsibility that’s when Joseph entered his destiny ground. As a mother love and care for your every child no matter how he or she behaves because only knows why He gave you such child.

4.God said “I am God of every human race, is anything difficult for me” he made saint Joseph an illiterate’ whose head refused to learn anything called education and apprenticeship, to be a sponsor to it . Saint Joseph is the patron of students. If you are a student you are looking for understanding and retentive memory, call on saint Joseph, and you would see that beyond the sky is your limit.

Eririogu Fidelia


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