IN SEARCH OF THE GREATEST… Life of St Christopher


written by James-Edeh, Sandra Chidera

Dear readers, life is a journey where we seek out to the greatest and keep sane to our peace of mind. Bearing in mind that we are inevitable to death so how do we spend the wealth in our hands in service to an unseen God, Man or Ourselves. The choice is left for us to make just as St Christopher made his many centuries ago.

At a time when the world was much younger as it is today, St Christopher was known as Reprobus. He is believed to have existed as a giant that lived amongst men. His life is likened to a wandering soul in search of a power to give up to and thus he first served his local ruler. He fought so many battles in the glory of the king and protected him from harm.


These earned him a seat at the right hand side of the king. Until one faithful night, when the mention of the devil sent the king to shivers and Reprobus thought that it was all wasted serving the king. He set out in search of the devil who found out to be the greatest at that time. He came across a band of thieves who said they served the devil. He joined this band and perpetuated many evil and calamities to all around him, causing pain and misery to men, women and their children.


One day, he was traveling with the band when they came across a shrine with the sign of the cross plunge into the ground. This sign made the robbers cowered to the ground in fear and distress. Reprobus set out in search of the owner of the cross whom he thought must be the greatest. He travelled day and night, but it was all futile until he came across a the home of a monk who disclosed all he should know about the owner of the cross, Jesus Christ. The monk suggested to Reprobus to live a life of prayer and fasting just as the other christians lived. He found it so difficult to abide to and offered to help travelers across a dangerous river and the monk gave his blessings. Day and night, Reprobus faithfully carried out his duty in love and bid to satisfy his master, Jesus Christ.

One day, a young boy soaked with water asked Reprobus to him go across the river, the storm was much and he pleaded with the young boy to spend a night and go the next morning but the young boy insisted that it must be done at the moment. He nonchalantly lifted up the boy and moved to cross the young boy across the other side but the weight of the young boy overwhelmed him and he gave out a loud cry that he can’t go on. With the assurance of little boy, he pushed forward till he came across the bank of the river and placed the young boy to the ground.


The little boy revealed he was Jesus Christ whom he carried and he carried the weight of the world. Thereafter, he converted the name Reprobus to Christopher, which means the Christ bearer. Right after that day, he went about evangelizing the good news until he was detained and ordered to offer sacrifice to Emperor Decius and when he declined he was beheaded in 251AD. Today, he is revered as the patron saint of travellers and of children.


From the story of St Christopher, firstly, we are expected to be observant. Look carefully before you leap, I am certain that if Christopher found one greater than Jesus Christ, he would have gone out in search again. He paid close attention to every master he served. To you, have you paid attention to that which you hold sacred. Just like St Christopher, without fear search for that which will add an essence to your life.

Secondly, make every service you undertake a priority. Make it a burden to use your whole to make it perfect. If you are a dishwasher, wash that dish as if Jesus was going to eat with that dish.

Thirdly, don’t shut your mind to wisdom. Always be ready to feed from the fountain of knowledge through His word in the Bible.

Lastly, to every cross listen to that inner voice calling you to continue. God will not give a cross we will not bear but what matters is the trust in Him when we in going through that stage.

I remain your own, Ihe Chukwu dere, Odesigo.

Sandra James Edeh


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