Written by Fabian Onebunne

Fabian was a noble roman by birth. He became the bishop of Rome after the death of Pope
Anteros from 10th January 236 to 20th January 250 and was well known for his strive to ensure
the faith was sustained and his selfless service to the people.

The life history of St. Fabian all started off after the death of Pope Anteros. Fabian, a common
man, visited Rome during the Papal’s election and like all who had visited, was curious about
the new pope, the future of the faith and the desire to grieve for the pope who had passed. The
burning question on the lips of everyone who had visited was; who could the next pope be?

There were many prominent men hanging around aspiring for the position of the pope. Fervent
prayers and fasting were ongoing for a sign of the new Pope and for the steadfastness of
Christians during the trying times.

Suddenly, a dove descended on Fabian and settled on his head. The people started singing and
praising the lord for making the right choice as to who will become the next pope.

This was a clear imitation of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus at the point of baptism and this was
a very factor which earned Fabian, the position of the Pope. The stranger who had visited Rome
was proclaimed Bishop of Rome.

Before, the assumption of Fabian as Pope, Christians had suffered great persecution but after
the decent of the dove upon Fabian, the church began to experience an era of peace. The
emperor, Phillip was very friendly to Christians and not only was the persecution stopped,
Christians experienced acceptance. In this era, Fabian was able to build up the structure of the
Church of Rome, appointing 7 deacons and helping to collect the acts of Martyrs.

The pagans were not happy with these new developments and attacked the Christians
vehemently. The emperor, Phillip died and the new emperor, Decius became very hostile to
Christians. He ordered all Christians to offer incense to idols and deny Christ through some
other pagan ritual.

The church became soft and many did not have the courage to stand up to martyrdom. Fabian
stood as a courageous example for everyone in his flock defending the faith encouraging
Christians never to give up. He died a martyr in 250 and was buried in the cemetery of Calistus.


This story tells us a lot about our personality. We must be humble at all times. It is only in
humility that God can uplift us. Also, we also must show love and respect to all because we may
never tell who we will meet as we climb up the ladder.

Fabian Onebunne


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