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Following events featuring caretaker Vs off campus student as regards rents payment and renewal, The students press had earlier reported of the arrangement reached by the caretakers and management on *01/02/2021* as concerns rents renewal, highlighting it’s appraisal and criticisms.
On *02/02/2021* students press gathered that a commotion that lead to the hospitalization of a student due to the brutal bartering of the said student by his caretaker.
This incident happened at *EZINWANNE LODGE AT SCHOOL BACK GATE*, according to eye witness reports, the pandemonium originated as a result of non renewal of rents by the occupants of the above named hostel. Reports said that the caretaker locked up the water supply of the entire hostel plunging the hostel into a situation of waterlessness. After being unable to reason with the caretaker the students took matters into their own hands, unlocked the supply and fetched the water in the absence of the caretaker. On returning the caretaker noticed what had happened and with anger took a “Saw” and hacked the supply pipe in two causing the wastage of the water. This didn’t go so well with the students and they started reacting, exchanging words with the caretaker. In the course of the exchange of words this particular student confronted him and the said caretaker used the saw on the head of the boy, before the boy could gain balance the said caretaker picked up a log of wood on the floor and hit him on the head making him fall to the ground. It would seem that the man wasn’t satisfied because he hit him again even while he was on the ground. Seeing what unfolded in their presence and a young man lying unconscious on the floor students rushed this caretaker and mobbed him while some others rushed the student to Rosanna hospital but he was rejected so he was rushed to FMC owerri. As at the time of this publication, the student was still in Coma.

The students are asking, _”what is happening at off campus hostels of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri”_ ?

_”What is the school management doing to arrest this ugly situation”_

_”Is off campus accommodations still safe for Nigerian students of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri”_

The students Press will keep us updated as matters unfold

_Emmanuel uchenna.



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